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The conversation we must have. Your structure could be at risk. Don’t lose fortunes.

11 February 2018

Ever seen a basement with water seeping through cracks or an underground structure showing signs of rust bleeding through concrete? Well, you are not alone if you have encountered such an issue. “More than 60% of the newly constructed high rise basements have failures and underground structures in UAE are prone to have waterproofing membrane issues encountering water leaks”. There is a high probability that once de-watering stops, the basement is going to show signs of water, seeping through concrete, moist surfaces, and few cracks” No big deal. But why?

This is the conversation I was having at the 40th floor of a newly constructed high rise mixed use commercial structure. Developer representatives, consultants and construction managers appointed to resolve a multi-million dollar challenge, confronting them on a newly built structure, showing signs of distress and corrosion due to water leaks in their basements.

“It happens all the time must be an oversight from the contractor” who general contractor….. “No specialty contractor who installed the waterproofing membrane” how about the waterproofing design or product “yes could be” let’s call the material suppliers… they were supposed to do QA/QC “I know we got this right” but then why this basement is leaking and the concrete is delaminating”.
I wonder what is going to be the repair cost of doing this. The CFO asked how much do they need to budget. Is there anything wrong with the structure? Are we holding enough retention? Who is at fault here? Ah! Who did the QA/QC on this job? How many parking spots are we going to lose? Asked the facility manager. How long will it take to do this? Should we hire a testing lab or a specialty repair engineering firm? The question is does fixing the imminent issue of water leaks resolve the problem the structure is facing. Not always? The answer is… it depends?

All structures are designed for a certain service life. This service life might be compromised if the concrete gets contaminated with chlorides & steel starts corroding at a pace much higher than it was designed for. What is the remaining service life of your structure?

Is this your nightmare scenario?

Infrastructure challenges frequently arise. If you have some of these same questions in your own meetings on asset management and maintenance of infrastructures; or if you are a real estate investor, developer, engineer or a facility manager of high-rise structure in UAE, join the COMMUNITY to received updates relating to extending the life of your infrastructures.


Muneer Merchant

Muneer Merchant

Vice President, Structural

Serving in the region for more than 10 years and previously in the US, Muneer has extensive experience in repairs and restoration of concrete infrastructure.

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