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Eric Samson

Senior Researcher and the Director of Innovation at SIMCO Technologies Inc.

Durability Engineering and Service Life Modeling for the Optimum Management of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Middle East

Experience gained over the past decade clearly demonstrates that the application of the run-to-failure philosophy to the management of concrete infrastructure does not only increase the risk of premature failure but also results in significant cost over-runs. A new bottom-up approach for the pro-active management of concrete structures is presented. This innovative protocol combines non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques with durability engineering and probabilistic modeling of the degradation of materials. The methodology rests on a detailed characterization of in-place concrete and on a comprehensive analysis of the deterioration phenomena affecting the material. The residual service life of the structure is then predicted considering fluctuations of local environmental conditions affecting each critical structural element as well as the variability of in-situ materials.

The outcome of the analysis provides key information on the evolution of damage that can be readily integrated in an evaluation of the reliability of the structure. The life-cycle cost of the structure is optimized by clearly defining deterioration threshold values for each critical element of the structure and by considering different maintenance and repair options. The application of this approach to the management of reinforced concrete structures in the Middle-East is presented.



Dr. Eric Samson is the Senior Researcher and the Director of Innovation at SIMCO Technologies Inc. Specialized in ionic transfer modeling in reactive porous materials, Dr. Samson has worked at SIMCO since 1997 on the development of the STADIUM® software, which allows the prediction of the degradation of concrete structures exposed to chemically aggressive environments. His education combines knowledge of numerical techniques such as the finite element method, and knowledge of materials.

Dr. Samson has participated, as principal author or coauthor, in the writing of over forty scientific papers in the field of service-life prediction of concrete structures. He currently supervises a research team of engineers and scientific researchers dedicated to the development of the STADIUM® software and the extension of its features.

Dr. Samson has also developed testing methods that are now specified by the U.S. Navy to assess the durability of concrete for new structures. Since 2007, he leads SIMCO’s participation in the DOE Cement Barriers Partnership (CBP) project dedicated to the modeling of nuclear waste storage long-term durability. Since 2010, he acts as an associate partner on the European project TRANSCEND dedicated to the modeling of moisture in cementitious materials.

Dr. Samson is a member of the “Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec” (Association of Professional Engineers in the Province of Quebec). He is also a member of RILEM and was a member of the technical committee PAE dedicated to the performance of concrete in aggressive environments.

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