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Daniel Llort, PhD R, M Sc

Asset Management and Maintenance Expert, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE

Implementation of BMS in the MoID

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, responsible for the assets of the Federal Roads in the United Arab Emirates, decided to implement a Road Assets Management System in 2012. One integral and very important part of this system corresponds to the management of the bridge network. A system that allows the MoID to have an inventory containing the characteristics of the bridges, information about the inspections performed within the routine maintenance and the principal visual inspections was created. The main output from the system is an Assessment Condition Index. This discussion will review how these steps were implemented and what the expectations for these systems are in the medium and long-term.



Daniel Llort is currently the Project Manager as external Consultant in the project “Implementation and Installation of an Asset Management System” (awarded with the Global Road Achievement Award from the International Road Federation in 2015) and “Performance-Based Maintenance contract” in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (before Public Works of UAE since July 2014).

His areas of expertise include developing technical assessment (annual budgets for pavement and assets maintenance), installation of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), and the Assets Management System, development of the Bridge Management System, Traffic Safety Evaluation, Routine Maintenance Organization, Test of Materials in real scale road sections, Strategy design for Key Performance Indexes for Master Plan, Guidance of New Technologies. He also provided training to local staff within the Ministry.

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