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Brent Anderson, P.E.

Moisture Control Engineering Team Leader at STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES

Solving Water Problems on Basement & Underground Structures

In basements and underground structures, water and moisture intrusion is a common problem. In areas with saline groundwater, like the Middle East, the ingress of moisture causes extensive deterioration, including the corrosion of the reinforcing steel in concrete. Problem solving with underground structures can be complex. This presentation will highlight the main causes of water and moisture intrusion, proper investigation and analysis techniques to determine the root cause of issues, and how to develop and implement the best repair solutions that will extend the service-life and prevent future problems.



Brent Anderson, P.E. is the Moisture Control Engineering Team Leader at STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. With over 35 years of experience, Brent is an expert in basement and underground structures waterproofing solutions, chemical grouting with urethanes, micro-fine cements, bentonites, acrylamides, acrylics and epoxies. He provides forensic foundation engineering for concrete problems, including cracking, deflection, soil, and settlement. He also provides forensic foundation engineering for water leakage claims for roofs, cavity walls, air/vapor barriers, and floors..


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