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Understanding & Solving Corrosion in Concrete

Bill Hutton, Corrosion Solutions Manager, Structural Technologies

Understanding corrosion in concrete and solutions to protect and extend the life of concrete infrastructure

The keynote includes why corrosion of reinforcing steel occurs, details of the general mechanisms that cause corrosion to initiate and why the process of corrosion initiation and progression of corrosion are accelerated within the harsh Middle East environment. Corrosion can cause loss of strength, reduction of service and compromise safety; example case studies are discussed to demonstrate the detrimental effects of corrosion within commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Example projects are presented to demonstrate how technology-driven solutions incorporating state of the art and proprietary technology can be implemented to mitigate reinforcement corrosion of existing reinforced concrete structures. Mitigation techniques focus on different Cathodic Protection solutions engineered by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES to ensure corrosion protection is provided across a range of structures with different severities of corrosion activity.


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