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Extending the Life of Your Building Infrastructure



Missed the event? We got your covered.


Last Longer ME forum provides infrastructure stakeholders in the Middle East an opportunity to learn and discuss their infrastructure durability concerns with industry leaders.


We bring leaders from various industries and geographies to share their vision and insights into durability engineering and its role in building and maintaining sustainable civil infrastructures. The speakers will share their knowledge and unique practical experience on how to optimize the design, maintenance and repair of concrete structures exposed to a wide range of aggressive environments.

Why Attend Last Longer ME?

With some of the most advanced civil infrastructure built or under construction in one of the most aggressive natural environments in the world, owners, designers, and builders in the Middle East are faced with durability issues that impact service-life.


You will gain practical knowledge about technology-driven solutions which can extend the serviceability and life of reinforced concrete structures and get the most out of your structural assets


Join a community of like-minded people and grow your network


Develop a comprehensive understanding of the  prominent causes of premature deterioration and advanced methods of prevention and protection

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