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Gregory LaBlanc

Faculty Director & Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley - HAAS School of Business

How big data changes everything. The digital transformation of assets.

With rapid technological change disrupting every business. , business leaders need to become more knowledgeable about data, analytics, connectivity, and digital transformation. Firms which harness data, analytics and technology to make operational and strategic decisions will best be able to leverage their advantages in the business landscape.

Last Longer ME is taking the initiative to provide thought leaders and industry experts a platform to share their insights on sustainable solutions for infrastructure maintenance in the Middle East. This talk will provide insights on how Big data, digitization and predictive analytics are solving complex infrastructure problems and how Data Science will impact our strategic plans, and shape our Ecosystems.



Gregory La Blanc is the Chair of the Berkeley-Haas Professional Faculty and a Lecturer at the Haas School, Berkeley Law School, and the Department of Economics at Berkeley. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the Haas Cheit Award, he teaches classes in law, innovation, strategy, technology and data. He is a graduate of the Wharton School, and studied law at Duke University, George Mason University, and UC Berkeley School of Law. He has consulted in the areas of innovation, decision making, risk management, and strategy around the world. He has worked in competitive intelligence, consulted in IP Strategy and litigation, and advised numerous startups, particularly in Fintech, Data Analytics, and people operations. His research lies at the intersection of law, innovation and the use of data in rapidly changing industries.


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